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We focus on producing high quality and amazing tasting honey and have won awards for our efforts. We can produce a wide range of honey, both organic and nonorganic and are able to fill orders from one small pot of honey to a 100 + tonnes.
Below are our three main types of honey, though we do produce and supply a wide range of other honey, such as: Kamahi, Rata, New Zealand Bush honey, and Kanuka



It is a rich nourishing honey with intense toffee and caramel flavours. This honey has a slightly bitter lingering finish and an exceptionally smooth pleasant texture. Manuka honey is known for its amazing
healing and nourishing properties.



Beechwood Honeydew comes from the dew off the native black beech trees in the wild forests of New Zealand. It is a naturally dark amber liquid honey, resembling golden syrup. It contains one of the highest levels of antioxidants of all New Zealand honeys, as well as high levels of oligosaccharides which are
helpful in maintaining and promoting beneficial bacteria in the gut (probiotic bacteria).



Clover honey is a beautiful white honey that is deliciously and creamy with a delicate vanilla bean flavour. New Zealand Clover honey is a real crowd pleaser and should be found on everyone’s kitchen


It all started over 70 years ago, when a couple of mates decided to get a few hobby hives. Over the years they increased not only in the number of hives, but in their love of beekeeping as well.

The name of the company when it first started was “Stiff Whiskers”, this came from one of the owners’ Jack Russell. This little dog would go out beekeeping with them and during the winter its whiskers would freeze, thus creating the name of the company. For years, they were based along the foothills of Canterbury and slowly they grew over to the West Coast and the top of Canterbury.

The current owners started their company in 1996, after having multiple years of experience beekeeping all over New Zealand. Over the years, they worked in with Stiff Whiskers and in 2007, they took the business over and merged the companies together.

They saw huge potential for the growth of the business and so they relocated from where they were based in Coopers Creek, to Springbank and as part of the move, they changed the name to Springbank Honey. The move allowed the business grow and expand. What was a small family business very quickly become a large commercial beekeeping and honey trading organization. The company is still a family run business just to a larger scale, and we really value the family values and environment which makes Springbank Honey a really great place to work.

We have an awesome team of highly dedicated beekeepers and honey production staff here at Springbank Honey.

 The honey production staff extract all our honey and process honey to supply orders for both the
local market and for exportation. We also source honey from all over New Zealand, to supply our amazing high quality manuka honey. The beehives are all located in the beautiful and sometimes challenging terrain of northern Canterbury, On the same sites as it original started on over 70 years ago, producing both organic and non-organic manuka, honeydew, clover, and more.


For questions about our company and products, get in touch directly. Someone on our team will be happy to help.

1227 Oxford Rd, Rangiora 7471

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