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It all started over 70 years ago, when a couple of mates decided to get a couple of hobby hives, over the years they increased not only in the number of hives but their love of beekeeping.
The name of the company when it first started was “stiff whiskers”, this came from one of the owner’s little jack Russell. This little dog would go out beekeeping with them and during the winter its whiskers would freeze thus creating the name of the company. It was for years based alone the foothills of Canterbury and slowly grow over to the west coast and the top of Canterbury.
The current owners started their company in 1996, after having multiple years of experience beekeeping all over New Zealand. Over the years they worked in with stiff whiskers and in 2007 they took the business over and merge the companies together.
The they saw huge potential for the growth of the business and so they relocated it from where it was based in cooper creek, to Springbank and as part of the shift they changed the name to Springbank honey. The move allowed the business grow and expand, what was a small family business become very quickly a large commercial beekeeping and honey trading organizing. The company to is still a family run business just to a large scale, and we really value the family values and environment which makes it a really great place to work.
Springbank Honey has an awesome team of highly dedicated beekeepers and honey production staff: The honey production staff, both extract all our honey that comes in from our hives as well as process the honey which we source from all over New Zealand and they get it ready for sale for both oversea and local markets. The beehives are all located in the beautiful and sometimes challenging terrain of northern Canterbury, On the same sites as it original started on over 70 years ago, producing both organic and non-organic manuka, honeydew, clover, and more.

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